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For your peace of mind, know that we take pride in the health and care of our dogs as well as the maintenance and standard of care in our breeding facility. 

  The care of our dogs is paramount. 

We are licensed and inspected facility with the city and once again have passed our kennel inspection to receive our kennel licence renewal for 2021. 

 Not only are we inspected by the city, but the province as well. When you are a reputable and licenced breeder you are subject to regular inspections as well as random inspections at anytime. 

There is no chance that any established and reputable well known breeding facilities such as we are, or any other breeders who have their kennel licence from the city could ever slip through the radar and not be inspected and continue on breeding the lovely puppies you have, or hope to welcome into your home. 

 Because without having all of their licenses, insurances and most of all, passing "inspections" that are continually being done, they could not continue breeding their dogs.

On site at our kennel Veterinary health checks by a licenced veterinarian are performed on our dogs.

Be assured at "Goliath" we strive to ensure the highest standard of care of our breeding facility, as well as ensure that the highest regard towards the health and well being of our dogs has been met in every way, and it is our continued goal to always strive in every way we can to be the best we can be in regards to the care and well being of our dogs, and to provide you with your much cared for new bundle of joy! 

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The Dogs Journal 

magazine has to say about

 Goliath Saint Berdoodles.


We currently have the most adorable  puppies available 

We do not have any summer/fall puppies available.

If you are interested in a current ready to go puppy or a puppy for Mar/April time frame, the first step is to complete our adoption form.

We will then contact you back to discuss the available puppies who best matches what you are looking for.

Please note it may take a couple of days for us to get back to you. 

Code: HDLVmF
Color: Tri Color 
Coat: Straight /Wavy
Gender: Male
Breed: Saint Berdoodle F1B
Born: Dec  2020 
Size: XL/XXL
Price Code: Contact us


Heidi and Leviticus 
Code: HDLVfA
Color: Tri Color 
Coat: Straight /Wavy
Gender: Male
Breed: Saint Berdoodle F1B
Born: Dec  2020 
Size: Lg/XL
Price Code: Contact Us

These beautiful puppies have very lovely tight shorter coats for minimal shedding, and also take notice to the nice tight jowls, for an XL size dog without the drooling.