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After one week of purchasing an older 8 month old Saint Berdoodle puppy from Goliath Saint Berdoodles, WE ARE AMAZED! 
In one week he knows his new name" Charlie." He walks beautifully on a leash (without having any formal training). He waits at the door to have his feet dried. And he's learned to sit. Especially when there is a treat involved:)! He sleeps all night at the end of our bed....he knows that's where we all go to sleep....he loves long walks and the two horses at the end of the street!! And my daughter loves him. After coming home from University  it was a wild surprise we thought. She was a bit confused at first because he looks so much like our old dog....he is heaven. He loves to be brushed. He looooves the snow!!!! Buries himself in it. He is such a good boy.  I could go on and on!! 
Thank you so much for Charlie 
Hi Deborah,

We absolutely love our Jasper! His temperament is stunning and he astounds all we meet because of it! He gets along famously with a local husky pup his age and we all enjoy the learning and energy they experience as friends! Thanks for breeding such a lovely companion 💕

Hi Deborah

We love Charlie so much. He is quite the character. He needs to be the center of attention all the time and thinks he is a lap dog despite weighing 76 pounds! He is also very stubborn and very vocal despite redirecting him all the time. He loves us unconditionally and so protective. After 2.5 years of having him it still takes him 20 minutes to settle down from excitement after I get home from work. He is simply amazing. 

We are actually contemplating getting another one!!

Thanks again for the information 

Charlie has just turned three. We cannot get enough of him. His personality continues to develop and is so much fun.
It’s the first snowfall of the season and you see here he is refusing to come inside.

Hi Deborah,

Otis really adjusted right away without issue. He loves everyone. There's just Lorie and I here but he loves the grandkids and other dogs as well. We have a large crate in the house that he sleeps in or goes in when we have to go out for a bit and he likes it. Training overall has gone well however he tests us sometimes by ignoring us. Lol. Adolescence i guess. He gets long walks daily which he looks forward to. We do not have any regrets with getting him thats for sure.
Thanks Rob 

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