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   For your confidence to know,  we are a Licensed and Inspected Kennel
and have just passed our inspection for our 2021 Licence.
   Our kennel Construction.
 Our kennel is heated in the winter and cool in the summer.

Even though we breed dogs that do not need to be kept in a heated building, such as our Saint Bernard's who prefer it cool, we chose to keep our kennel heated and warm because we breed Saint Berdoodle's which have Poodle in them. Poodles and Poodle mixes  prefer the heat therefore our kennel is heated in the winter, and cool in the summer.

In the construction of our dogs kennels (which is 10X 10 size), we chose thick rubber for the floors. Rubber is far better then any other flooring for dogs, and especially so when the get up from laying down as they can get up with ease without slipping, and it is especially better for their hips and joints. It is not slippery when wet, and there is less chance of them slipping on the floor. 

 For our walls we opted to use what is known as puck board, and although very costly in the beginning, in the long run it is well worth it, and we feel it was the best choice for our dogs, as we needed something that would be easy to keep clean, and also very durable and strong for large breed dogs.

Puck board is what is used in hockey arenas. 

Puck board is a very thick and heavy duty durable plastic that comes in many colors. We chose white rather than a darker colors so that more light would be reflected in the dogs kennels, keeping the kennel bright and cheery. 

 And because puck board is a thick, hard and durable smooth material, it is extremely easy to keep clean, and it also remains bright white.  

 Another really great benefit to  kennel walls being made of puck board, is that it is not porous and does not absorb or hold onto any bacteria or viruses that could potentially make your dogs sick. 

 All kennel walls and floors are cleaned and washed daily with soap, water and bleach and then sprayed with a virkon disinfectant used in veterinarian clinics which is terrific to keep your kennel healthy and virus free. 

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